Uni Debess – A Blue Ray of Light From The Faroe Islands

Uni Debess is one of the most popular and prolific musicians to emerge from the Faroe Islands – and this North Atlantic archipelago really punches above its weight when it comes to producing outstanding, internationally acclaimed artists.

With 12 released albums to date, and many accoldaes under his belt including winner of the Faroese Music Grand Prix, as well as the Atlantic Music Event (AME), Uni Debess is a true powerhouse of creativity and a truly captivating, entertaining and exceptional performer.

Having established himself at a very young age in his native country in the more unusual blues genre, Uni Debess is a highly proficient singer, songwriter and guitarist. Since 2002 he has toured extensively, playing concerts, festivals at a wide variety of venues, across countries including Canada, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland and Spain. The vast majority of his 12 released albums feature exclusively his own original material, and Uni Debess is of course constantly writing and recording, for new releases and new shows. Uni’s music is frequently played on radio stations as well as on TV programmes both locally and internationally.

Uni Debess’s discography:

  • Mr. Puffman (2003)
  • GoGo Blues Live In Studio (2004)
  • Face To Face With The Devil (2005)
  • Gengi Eg (2006)
  • The Well (2009)
  • Debess Blues Station (2010)
  • Live From The Dairy (2010)
  • Life Is a Picture (2012)
  • Blue Buzz (2013)
  • GREEN (2016)
  • Regards To The Roots Vol 1 (2017)
  • Regards To The Roots Vol 2 (2018)

From his Faroese home in Suduroy, where he lives with his wife and young children, Uni Debess also writes, plays, sings, arranges and produces music for a variety of other performers, spanning different genres, as well as theatrical and educational projects, and is credited on a large number of musical releases. Together with Pol Arna Holm he also co-formed the highly popular band Hamradum, who are making a name for themselves internationally. And as if that weren’t enough, he is also a very experienced and active teacher and tutor of music, guitar and song-writing, which he has been actively involved in for over 12 years

Uni Debess says of his work as a professional musician today: “In my home country, dark, stormy winters contrast with long, bright and gentle summers. As a nation surviving and prospering in the North Atlantic for centuries, battling the elements and remoteness, the Faroese are resilient and resourceful, and have developed strong traditions and a truly distinctive culture and sense of community. All of this and living on the edge of civilisation, deeply influences my music.”