About Uni Debess

Singer, songwriter, composer, guitarist

Birth Date and Place: November 24th, 1979, Trshavn, Faroe Islands

  • Vinner of Prix Froyar 2005 With GoGo Blues
  • AME (atlantic music events) vinner for best band in 2005, with the band GoGo Blues

Recorded 10 Albums with original material:

  • Green (2016)
  • Blue Buzz (2013)
  • Life Is A Picture (2012)
  • Debess Blues Station: Debess Blues Station (Tutl Records 2010)
  • Debes Blues Station: Live From The Dairy (Tutl Records 2010)
  • Crawling Blue: The Well (Tutl Records 2009)
  • Solo Album: Gengi eg (3′arin 2006)
  • GoGo Blues: Face to Face with the Devil (Tutl Records 2006)
  • GoGo Blues: Live In Studio (Tutl Records 2005)
  • Headache Blues Treo: Mr Puffman (Landing Duck Recordes 2004)

Touring Across:

Canada, Scotland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Shetland, Greenland and Faroe Islands.

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